So, now that I have a walker, I'm looking for some cute shoes for spring/summer. How adorable are these...remind me of the ones I wore when I was little. You can buy them at Kathleen's Kids which is one of my favorite stores in Tulsa!

Old school but classic


Loving these...I find silver/gold shoes go with EVERYTHING. Check out this site! Lots of good finds.

If you are loving those but not loving the price, check these out at Target

or these at Gap, which also come in gold

These are super cute...they also come in silver...

Some other Target finds

Thinking these Target kicks are looking pretty similar to the LelliKelly shoes...and I'm thinking I like them better!

Pretty squeaking cute!

Love Pedipeds, but a good friend just bought these and they run super wide! Beware if ordering online!

Now, these Walmart sandals are cute and sassy, but I'm thinking blisters between the toes? What do you think?

These just make me want to find a big puddle of water...

A friend, Melissa, introduced me to these. You can buy them here:

I will not be buying these...

Moms....any cute shoe recommendations? Websites, stores, brands, sales? Leave a comment and share your knowledge!


  1. Great idea! I just saved Girly Girl in my favorites. :)

  2. I love the new blog! I never was a fan of the baby heels either!

  3. This is awesome! Those heels were on the news one time when Alli was a newborn and I couldn't believe it!

  4. I just added this to my favorites. what a great idea. I always need cute ideas but am not good at finding them. Thanks!!!!

  5. Toddler Girls' Brittney Fringe Sandals from Walmart are a must! They are way too cute for the price, and I suspect will be a staple in my niece's Spring/Summer 2010 wardrobe. Besides, a little blister never stopped anyone from wearing cute shoes.

  6. I am having so much fun looking at all of the cute shoes and it sure helps LM's Gammy when she wants to find something new to get her precious little granddaughter! I will share this blog with all of my other grandmother friends! Thanks, Allison!