Splish, Splash!

We leave for the beach on Saturday, so with vacation on my mind...I've been having fun looking for some cute bathing suits for my little one (not having fun looking for myself...ugh..maybe I'll just wear a cover up the whole time to hide my pasty white legs).

Saw this one at Nordstrom for $60 buckaroos....love me some Kate Mack, but knowing the bottom will just get scuffed up from scooting across the concrete in the pool, I think I'll pass for this price

You can have this one for a fraction of the cost from Target:

or this one from Old Navy (and it is on sale right now). This is the one I bought:

Got this one from Target and had it monogrammed in aqua blue....can't wait to see the finished product...should be super cute!

Here's the finished product:

Here are some other cute ones I saw online at Best Dressed Child and they are on sale:

Thought they were cute little traditional baby girl bathing suits...a little more pricey but not too bad with the sale price...if that's something you are looking for!

Wish I had ordered this in time from Kelly's Kids, but didn't...maybe I will before summer...

My sister sent me to this site....had a good laugh looking at these:
Designer Inspired Children Pink and White Louis Vuitton Millionaire Sunglasses:

Click around...they have all the major designer glasses (fake of course) for kids!
Um....do people really buy their kids fake Louis Vuitton and Chanel glasses? I guess there is a market out there for everything! I've now seen it ALL!

I guess it might be hard to think about bathing suits when a lot of us just experienced tons of snow, but believe it or not...the stores were already selling out of a lot of these...you know how Target gets wiped out in a matter of a day after putting new things out!

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